Entry Visa Requests

Legal status of a foreign citizen in the Republic of Angola has, since 2007, been governed by new legislation, Law #02/07, named “Legal Status of Foreign Nationals in the Republic of Angola”.

The above-mentioned law established new types of visas for entry into Angola, as described below:

  • Diplomatic Visa
  • Official Visa
  • Ordinary Visa
  • Consular Visa
  • Territorial Visa

Among the above described types of visas, the Consular Visa merits special reference, used for non-official requests, which cover the following instances:

  • Transit
  • Tourism
  • Short-stay
  • Ordinary
  • Student
  • Medical treatment
  • Privileged
  • Work
  • Temporary permanence
  • Residence

In the case of visas granted by the Consulate for entry into the Republic of Angola, apart from the requirements inherent to the different Consular Visa categories, such as transit or work visas, the following documents are required across the board:

  • Two Visa Request forms, fully completed and signed
  • Two recent white background photographs (no snapshots will be accepted)
  • A passport valid for a period of at least 6 months
  • Documents or correspondence related to the objective of the trip, or an invitation letter directed to the Consular Mission Chief
  • Foreign nationals residing in the USA should show Permanent Resident Card (the Green Card)
  • An invitation letter sent by the individual or organization who will be the applicant’s contact in Angola
  • Copy of the travel itinerary
  • Certified cheque or Money Order in the amount of US $141.00. Personal cheques or cash will not be accepted
  • Proof of means of subsistence while in Angola (US $200.00/day)

A Bank Statement, or a Letter from Employer who is sponsoring the trip is normally sufficient as proof of subsistence.

Documents required when requesting a Transit Visa

All requirements listed in Item V, plus a copy of the travel ticket, showing full travel itinerary.

Additional requirements for Work Visas

  • Copy of a contract signed by the representative of the company or organization employing, hiring or sponsoring the trip, stating specifically the job to be performed by applicant, the duration of the contract, as well as the fact that employer takes full financial responsibility for the applicant. This document needs to be authenticated by a Public Notary and should be addressed to The Consulate General in Houston
  • Two additional application forms
  • Two additional passport-size pictures
  • Statement authenticated by a Public Notary indicating that applicant agrees to abide by Angolan laws.
  • Police Clearance Certificate/Letter [notarized] authenticated by the Department of State stating that applicant has no pending criminal proceedings.
  • International Vaccination Certificate or Medical Certificate of Health.
  • Certified check or Money Order in the amount of USD $300.00.
  • Letter of presentation
  • Authenticated copy of the passport.
  • Diploma or Certificate of Achievement
  • Work Contract
  • Curriculum Vitae (Resume)
  • All documents must be presented in duplicate (original and duplicate)
  • Authorization by the by Ministério de Tutela and opinion issued by the Ministry for Public Administration, Labor and Social Security (MAPESS-Ministero da Administração Publica, Emprego e Segurança Social).

The requirements listed above should not, in any shape or form, be considered all inclusive. The Consulate General of Angola in Houston reserves the right to request additional information, if necessary.

Useful Information about Visas

The general information contained herein is meant to minimize inconveniences to foreign citizens who intend to travel to Angola, especially for service missions, business development, family and work visits. The jurisdictional areas covered by this Consulate-General should apply for a visa according to the nature of their travel to Angola.

Visa Application and Processing Time

The applications for entry visas into Angola must be filed with this Consulate-General in Houston. Processing or wait time is usually under 15 (fifteen) business days. However, the processing time for a Work Visa will take at least 45 (forty-five) business days from the date that application is filed.

Applications sent by Mail

Applications received by mail will take one additional day to process, as long as all documentation is in order. Applicants must send a self-stamped or prepaid Federal Express, UPS or DHL envelope, in order for this Consulate to expedite the return of the document, being that we will not be responsible for any other form of return of documents.

When we send your documents back please note that the cost for such service is not included in the visa fees and will need to be sent in separate. Consequently, those applicants who use the courier services above described should ensure payment for the return of documents at the time of presentation of their application.

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